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Blood Tests

  • Blood tests are the mirror of your overall health. It can detect abnormalities in the body function much before of development of actual disease.
  • We have top class machineries to test various blood test in house. ( Please modify this sentence)
  • We are doing Liver function test, renal function tests, Lipid profile, Thyroid testing, all Vitamins testing, all hormones testing and all types of serological testing.
  • We have top class machineries ( or state of art machineries)  like Mispa Nano, Mispa Neo, Mispa I2, Mindray BC 3000, Coagulometer, Electrolyte analyzer, Maglumi 1000 for Hormone analysis
  • Our Laboratory is ISO certified
  • We are participating in various External Quality assurance programs like Bio-rad for assuring our quality control. We achieve top 10 place in this program. ( Please check this sentence and rewrite)
  • Our Pathologist pays micro attention on internal quality too. We run two level controls every day.

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